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where ben franklin used to sit naked and think. >> oh, yeah. >> that's a hot spot. a subway platform where jerry springer was born in london. >> sure. >> it is a quirky, quirky tour. >> usually, the "weekend window" is stunning vistas and parkways. this morning, we've been warned, i'm intrigued by this story. first, ron claiborne kicks us off. >> good morning, bill and kate. >>> we begin with breaking news after 18 years the remains of american pilot scott speicher who was shot down during the first gulf war have been found in iraq. in a combat mission first night of the war back in january 1991, the military initially declared him killed, but changed his status to missing in action and then captured. the military says his remains were recovered the past week and flown toover air force base for identification. >>> we turn now to the three americans held in iran believed to be college students on vacation who mistakenly crossed the border into iran while hiking. abc's jim sciutto has the latest from london. good morning, jim. >> reporter: well, good morning. efforts are now under way
of terror. passengers tell us about the moment their packed jetliner dropped like a stone. we answer your questions about turbulence. >>> as children head back to school, we have the swine flu survival kit. >>> and does air conditioning turn you into a popsicle? is this a female thing? we take a stand on our hot is this a female thing? we take a stand on our hot topics this morning. captions paifor by abc, inc. >>> and good morning, america. i'm diane sawyer, with chris cuomo. robin is on assignment, on this august 4th, 2009. and everyone has been thinking all along, who could sweep into north korea? who could gain the american journalists? >> the answer is presidentill clinton. he landed in the capital today. >> it's an extraordinary mission, as you say, because of the high level of it. and everybody wondering, since they have been there for five months, we know the sentence was 12 years of hard labor. will it work? let's go straight to martha raddatz and see what she has learned. martha? >> reporter: good morning, diane. the one thing that is clear here is bill clinton would not have go
it tell us about the killer? >>> the new swine flu rules. the government releases new guidelines, suggesting three shots this year. but is it safe? >>> a sister's celebration. lisa ling tells us how her sister is coping after months in captivity. and what really happened in north korea. >>> and a triple-play in the park. three of the biggest stars from "american idol" perform live in three of the biggest stars from "american idol" perform live in our summer concert series. captions paid for by abc, inc. >>> and good morning, everyone. alongside chris cuomo, i'm robin roberts. diane is off, on this friday, august 7th. and we continue to learn more about the man who opened fire on an aerobics class earlier this week. >> we have a team of reporters looking into this. insight into him will help going forward. and this is a relationship class. a tough-love tutorial, with him participating. >> this, as the victims' families prepare to say good-bye. the funerals tomorrow for three women killed. >> john berman has been in bridgeville, pennsylvania, since the beginning. he's looking at wh
in materially morning hours. that's where abc's stephanie sy is this morning. joining us from chatham, massachusetts. good morning, stephanie. >> reporter: good morning, bill. the good news is, by the time hurricane bill had got on shore here, it had weakened a lot. and it moved by quickly. the houses on the shoreline were never in danger. i think we can safely say that all we're left with are the remnants of bill. we're experiencing some wind, big waves and riptides. wind, rain and towering waves, along the massachusetts coast overnight. the long-range effects of a beefy hurricane bill. >> i'm a little surprised it didn't intensify a little more than it did. but what's happened is, all that power, instead of being concentrated in a small area at the center, is spreading out over a larger area. >> reporter: weakening. but still a threat, the category 1 hurricane is heading towards canada, where folks in nova scioscia are preparing for a direct hit. offshore oil rigs there are being monitored carefully. as bill moves cooler waters today, forecasters say it will continue to weaken. but
. >> hello. >> reporter: cynthia thompson is a pioneer. one of the first people in the u.s. to take part in an h1n1 swine flu vaccine trial. dr. lisa jackson explained how it would all work. >> so, you know, we're going to collect a blood specimen and a revisit. measure the antibody response to the vaccine. >> reporter: thompson was told the risk of serious side-effects is low. but no guarantees. she listened. then, gave permission. >> no, i'm not really worried about the risk just because i trust in what they're doing. and i think it's great what they're doing. you have to do things like this in order to benefit others. >> reporter: and with that, it was time for the actual vaccination. thomsen and other volunteers will get two shot, three weeks apart, as researchers look at safety, effectiveness, and whether it will take one dose or two to provide immunity. the federal trials are taking place at eight vaccine test centers nationwide. most get under way next week. about 2,500 paid volunteers in all. half adults. half children. vaccine companies are also running their own trials. researc
. and hurricane bill sets its course near the u.s. >>> still missing. the tearful father of a georgia woman who disappeared on a walk on a rural road, pleads for news and his daughter's safe return. a "gma" exclusive. >>> oprah winfrey and dr. mehmet oz, suing companies, saying they falsely use their names to endorse health products. dr. oz speaks to us. >>> and look at this picture. a world champion female track star faces the question -- is he a world champion female track star faces the question -- is he is a woman or a man? captions paid for by abc, inc. >>> and good morning, america. diane sawyer, chris cuomo. robin roberts is off on this thursday, august 20th, 2009. and the dangerous weather will not step for the people in the midwest. tornadoes ripping through minnesota, wisconsin, iowa. in a moment, you're going to hear from a brave, young boy, in illinois, who was home alone in his basement, when the drnd blew away his house around him. >> the sounds outside of his home was louder than the music he was listening to. >>> and we're following hurricane bill. 800 miles south of bermuda. it
of the u.s. population this year, the government gets ready. how health officials are now considering a plan that would bar sick passengers from boarding airplanes. >>> and life in the slow lane. we'll take you to a town where residents say they have everything because they have no residents say they have everything because they have no cars. captions paid for by abc, inc. >>> good morning, america. it is saturday, august 29th. good morning, kate. >> good morning, bill. we're here at the jfk presidential library in boston. senator ted kennedy lies in repose behind me in this building. we're told family members at this hour are getting ready at their hotel to come here. a senate delegation will come here, as well. they will all pay their last respects. and we'll have coverage of the senator's journey to his final resting place. we'll talk to one of his nephews about his legacy. and some of his former staffers, like supreme court justice stephen breyer, who said working for ted kennedy was like a family. we know you have more, bill? >> we do. >>> we have more on that shocking story. jay
was stolen and left in an italian orphanage. he joins us live with his dramatic story. >>. >> a jewel heist out a hollywood movie. how did crooks steal sz 65 million worth of jewels s in d how did crooks steal sz 65 million worth of jewels s in d daylight? captions paid for by abc, inc. >>> good morning, alongside chris cuomo, i'm robin roberts diane sawyer is off on this wednesday, august 12th. president obama becoming a sort of fact-checker in chief. >> he hasn't seen the ugly scenes we've seen elsewhere, he's the president after all. but look at los angeles this morn, people lining up for free health care. >> so let's begin with our senior white house correspondent jake tapper with the latest on the owing battle over reform. good morning, jake. >> reporter: good morning, robin. the debate over health care reform dominated by the president's opponents but he's seeking to regain moment ul and in doing so, has raised the stakes in this furious fight. >> you and your cronies in the government -- >> reporter: summer recess no day at the beach for many members of congress. democrats contin
that it will be labeled homicide. >>> a dire swine flu warning. a presidential panel says half the u.s. population could get that flu. 90,000 people could die. what do we do now? >>> plaxico burress. from super bowl superstar to jail time. his first interview, here. >>> madoff's mistress. a 21-year affair. and she's telling all in a live interview this morning. >>> and defined a generation. "thirtysomething." the cast here, their first "thirtysomething." the cast here, their first reunion, 20 years later. captions paid for by abc, inc. >>> we say good morning to you. welcome, again. i'm diane sawyer. robin is off on this tuesday, august 25th. after all of the speculation, after all of the talk, we have real information on michael jackson's death. >> one doctor says he took enough sedatives to knock down on elephant. the question, now, of course, will it rise to the level o homicide? abc's mike von fremd is at the los angeles county coroner's office. he has the latest this morning. good morning, mike. >> reporter: good morning, chris. he's documents show that dr. conrad murray admitted that he had been t
for starting the special olympics. her family said she set out to change the world and change us. and she did that and more. growing up alongside her dashing brothers, jack, ted and bobby, eunice shriver held a front-row seat to some of the greatest and some of the most tragic moments of the 20th century. but it was an unheralded member of the family, who inspired her life's work. her mentally challenged sister, rosemary. >> she taught us all, that adversity meant almost nothing. and that it could always be fun for all of us to be together. >> reporter: mrs. shriver shared a special closeness with rosemary. spending extra time with her. making sure she always felt included. that was a life lesson she never forgot. >> she founded the scial olympics in 1968, to get people with intellectual disabilities the chance to develop physical fitness, to create friendships and experience the joy of sports competition and achievement. >> well done. >> reporter: the games immediately became much more than athletic competitions. for over 40 years, they have brought understanding, inclusion, and acceptance t
. with reports that swine flu could infect half of the u.s. population this year, the government gets ready. how health officials are considering a plan that would bar sick passengers from boarding airplanes. >>> and life in the slow lane. we'll take you to a town where residents say they have everything because they have no residents say they have everything because they have no cars. captions paid for by abc, inc. >>> good morning, america. it is august 29th. saturday morning. and a who's who of american politics is descending on boston. th's where kate snow is this morning. good morning, kate. >> good morning, bill. senator ted kennedy lies in pose. a senate delegation will arrive shortly to the library where we are to pay their last respects. we'll have journey to his final resting place. we'll talk to one of his nephews about carrying on his legacy. and we'll talk to some of his former staffers, including supreme court justice steven breyer. and he'll talk about how he inspired them to greatness. i know you have more to come in new york, bill. >> we do, kate. >>> we have the latest on that
for health care reform. >> we keep getting the bull. that's all we get is bull. you can't tell us how you're going to pay for this. >> you are absolutely right that i can't cover another 46 million people for free. >> reporter: obama has been ramping up his fight for reform as opposition has been mounting on both sides of the debate. the plan to provide end-of-life counseling is being dropped from a senate version of the bill after conservatives like sarah palin said it would create so-called death panels. the topic came up between senators arlen specter and chuck grassley yesterday in a kind of twitter feud. specter writes "called senator grassley to tell him to stop spreading myths about health care reform and imaginary death panels. chuck grassley said "specter got it all wrong that i never used words death boards. even liberal press never accused me of that. so change your last tweet, arlen." white house spokesman robert gibbs this week said misinformation like this has put the administration on defense. >> one of the reasons we've pushed back is because of those misconceptions. have
havens is here with us. he'll perform his classic "freedom" which he improvised on the stage and we'll compare this seismic moment in american ka to the rock festivals hanging out with widespread panic and understanding the musical and cultural and economic legacy of woodstock. >> we begin with president obama making a big pitch out west to boost support for health care reform. rachel martin is in big sky montana this morning. good morning, rachel. >> reporter: -- about 5 miles away from bozeman where the president held his health care town hall meeting yesterday and while there was some tension, the event started out with hugs, handshakes, even some humor. >> here in montana you've got bears and moose and elk and in washington you just haveostly bull. >> reporter: words that moments later were thrown right back at the president as he tried to set the record straight on his plans for health care reform. >> we keep getting the bull is bull. you can't tell us how you're going to pay for this. >> you are absolutely right that i can't cover enough 46 million people for free. >> reporter
helping us understand why this ever happened. >> it is easy for me to hide from my emotions for one more day. take a long drive in the car. listen to some music. daydream. or just do some mundane task around the house, that really doesn't need to be done, that's not too important. and there you go. one more day. and one more day, turns into one more year. >> reporter: george sodini, in his own words, about his struggles with emotion. and "gma" has discovered what may have been sodini's last gasp online. a hidden message about women he met at the gym, buried deep inside his website's html code. a haunting message. at the gym, i saw a woman i like. i see her at the park and ride sometimes. occasionally she makes good eye contact and smiles. to get a friend like her, and for nighttime action, i would cancel this plan or put it on hold. at least for a while. that posting, like so many others, seems to show the conflict sodini, a systems analyst at this pittsburgh law firm, felt about his relationships with women. police believe those feelings are why targeted an aerobics class. in a decembe
turbulence. abc aviation expert lisa stark has the latest for us. >> reporter: good morning, robin. well, it was a boeing 767 as you say. it was a continental flight 128. that's a wide-bodied jet. we're told that there were 168 people on board. that's passenger and crew. they were on their way from rio de janeiro to houston where they hit turbulence. they were climbing to 38,000 feet. we're told they hit rough air, apparently very severe turbulence. they were about 50 miles north of the dominican republic at that time and the pilot decided to declare an emergency. it was that bad and to put down in miami where continental doesn't even really fly to miami. they decided to put down in miami after the severe turbulence. miami-dade fire and rescue responded to the airport and as you mentioned, they have -- they're dealing with about 26 injured people there. we're told miami-dade has rushed 60 personnel, 20 to 25 vehicles to the scene of this aircraft, and they're even using catering trucks to help get in and out of the plane. transport people off as they try to deal with this emergency. so,
. an exclusive "gma" investigation. and this morning, a recall. >>> and need more sleep? 70 million of us do. and our team here at abc puts the latest solutions to the and our team here at abc puts the latest solutions to the test. captions paid for by abc, inc. >>> and good morning, america. i'm diane sawyer, here with david muir this morning. robin is away. chris is away this friday, august 21st, 2009. and there's a tsunami of outrage, pours over great britain this morning. >> all of the pictures pouring in. a hero's welcome for the bomber of the lockerbie pan am flight. all there to cheer him an as he arrives home. >> the still grieving families cannot believe this is happening. we want to know why. let's go to nick watt in london this morning. nick? >> reporter: good morning, diane. well, the families of those killed are asking, how can this man who was convicted of 270 counts of murder deserve to be shown any compassion? last night, megrahi touched down back in libya. this is what relatives of the dead did not want to see. megrahi returning home to a hero's welcome. [ screaming ] >> my
>>> this morning, family and friends join us to say good-bye to senator edward kennedy. speaking for the first time about the last weeks. and the man we didn't know. from the vice president, to his favorite political foes, we learned about the senator's private moods and his secret weapon. and we take you inside the storied compound, where plans are under way this morning, for the senator's journey to boston. chris cuomo leads our coverage from the kennedy home in hyan s hyannispo hyannisport. >>> and tropical storm danny, gaining force. will it be the next hurricane to gaining force. will it be the next hurricane to threaten america's coastline? captions paid for by abc, inc. >>> and good morning to you again this morning. i'm diane sawyer in times square. robin is on assignment on this thursday, august 27th. and chris cuomo is anchoring our coverage from hyannisport, massachusetts. chris, good morning. any signs the family is stirring this morning? >> good morning, diane. i don't think i've ever been able to say this before, but the kennedy compound is quiet. and talking to fa
numbers here. 50-mile-an-hour winds, 6 inches in rain. the big question for us now, where does it go? >> some areas could get as much as 10 inches of rain. as we project it will go up into alabama and georgia later today. >> bill, of course, that is the first hurricane of the season. we'll tell you everything we know about that in a moment. first we have questions about claudette. >> that's right. it's as we said claudette is slamming ashore panama city and we have right there spending the night in the drenching winds jeffrey kofman himself. how was it last night, jeffrey? >> reporter: it was wet and it was windy but right now it's actually not. you know, about half an hour ago if you had seen me it would have been a lot more dramatic and expect to see more heavy rain and winds coming as the tail end of claudette makes its way ashore but we're between bands as we say when we cover storms. you know, it's like someone flicked a switch over the weekend, diane. for ten weeks we had a hurricane season with no hurricanes then suddenly in 30 hours we had three named storms. overnight here i
something to do with the disappearance of a little girl. we use the term stepdaughter. but she was your daughter. >> correct. i was the only father she's ever had. i was so busy trying to find her. >> how did you learn that yr daughter is still alive? >> my wife called me. she said, are you sitting down? i said, yes. she said, they found jaycee. she paus. and she said, she's alive. we both started crying. >> what do you think of this man and whate's been doing to your daughter? >> it's pretty sick. i feel sorry the way jaycee has gone through this. how he had her locked up for basically 18 years. no school. no doctor. no dentist. the children have never been to a doctor or dentist. no life. you know, it's going to be a long road to change things around. >> how do you make sense of the fact that this man was regularly seeing a parole officer. authorities have been to this compound or whatever you want to call it. neighbors raised attention to offender with kids and nothing happened. >> he had them hidden right. and jaycee's a mellow girl. maybe she didn't try to escape. or may
stepfather here with us live, the latest on jaycee and her daughters. and with the two woman who helped crack the case through their mother's intuition. >>> high alert. what west point cadets are teaching all of us about avoiding swine flu. ♪ >>> why a song has sometimes what the doctor ordered. dr. mehmet oz on how to gain more sleep and gain more energy without pills. >>> we say good morning, america. closing out august, the 31st, 2009. so great to have you back. >> my time away was restful and productive. got much needed rest and on the road on assignment and share those stories in the near future. so much news. we'll begin with a half a dozen fires burning across california, the most serious one tearing through the san gabriel mountains just north of los angeles. so right now, more than 42,000 acres burned. fire stretching over 20 miles. more than 12,000 homes threatened by flames as high as 80 feet. >> 80-foot flames. sam champion is in la crescenta, california. i was looking at the picture behind you. i believe those are fires we see breaking out in the hill there. >> yeah, good morni
to the controversial bush/gore election here in the u.s. did she go too far? >>> a well-known basketball coach accused of out of bound s behave i don't off the court. rick pitino on the sex scanned that will could sideline him. >>> and tainted fruit? are you eating pesticides with every bite of that peach? the governments new warnings on what's really in the produce the governments new warnings on what's really in the produce section. captions paid for by abc, inc. >>> good morning, everyone, alongside chris cuomo i'm robin roberts. diane sawyer is off on this thursday, august 13th. >>> mixed signals from the economy, we're seeing signs we're pulling out of the recession but it's costs big time. >> so many programs, so much spending, $1.27 trillion deficit, the biggest its ever been. >> but the fed giving us the best report card in over a year. >> true. good news and they left the lending rate as loan which means bore owers in the drivers seat. >> bianna golodryga live from the new york stock exchange, what's the big headline? >> reporter: good morning. it's been said that the fed chairman can move ma
. she compares nigeria's pololiti to the conontrtroversial bush/g electionere in the u.s. did she go t far? >>> a well-knownasketball coach accused of out of bound s beha i don't off the court. rick pitino on the sex scanned that will could sideli him. >>> and taieded fruit? are e you eating pesticides wit every bite othat peach? the governments new warnings on what's really in the produce the governments new warnings on what's really in the produce section. captions paid for by abc, c. alongside chris cuo i'm robin roberts. diane sawyer is off on ts thursday, augu 13th. >>> mixeignals from the economy, we're seeing signs we're pullingut of the recession but it cts big timeme. >> so many programs, so much spending, $1.27 trillion deficit, the biggestts ever >> b but the fed ging us the best report t card in over a ye. >> true. good n news they left the leing rates loan whi means bore owers in the drivers seat. >> bianna golodrygaive from e new yorktock exchae, what's t the big headline? >> repor good morning. chrman can move marks,boy, ed did get confirmationf that yesterday. the fed c
? and some of the smartest analysts in the country tell us what to expect next. >>> the swine flu vaccine shortage. less than one-third of what was promised will be ready by october. why? and who gets it now? who does not? >>> caught on tape. the police beating that has a major city on-edge. >>> a spurned wife, speaking out. jenny sanford, wife of the south carolina governor, and what she really thinks of the argentine mistreasure. >>> and a conservative republican in sequins on "dancing with the stars"? why tom delay is on the show. is the man they call the hammer, why tom delay is on the show. is the man they call the hammer, ready for the hustle? captions paid for by abc, inc. >>> good morning, america. diane sawyer with chris cuomo on this tuesday, august 18th. and robin is away. the dow seemed to roll back since monday. >> the market goes up and goes down. what does it mean for the overall economy? there is a clue. not on wall street. but in a place like walmart, where parents are spending less on school supplies. >> for the latest, bianna golodryga, on the floor of the new york stoc
he had to say. thanks for joining us. can you tell us where the investigation stands this morning? >> well, at this point the canadian mounted police are continues to investigate the matters around the scene of the death of this defendant, ryan jenkins and the buena park police will continue the investigation in california here just to sort of wrap up all -- whatever the loose ends might be. there's still certain things that need to be done, but, you know, we don't want to just close the books until it's completely finished. >> do you believe that jenkins may have had help in committing this murder or in disposing of jasmine fiore, word of this other woman who checked him into the motel, what do you make of all this? >> well, there's no indication that he had any help in committing the murder. i mean, that's -- all of the evidence is clearly indicates that he's the lone perpetrator of this horrible murder. but whether or not he might have had some help later on particularly, you know, once he got into canada and, you know, and thereafter. >> when you look at the detail of the gris
have made recommendations. but i think for this accident, we need to see what the facts tell us before we come to any conclusions. >> deborah hersman, thanks so much for your time. >> thank you. >> time now for a look of the rest of the morning's headlines. ron? >> good morning, everyone. >>> well, president obama is heading to mexico for a two-day summit with leaders of mexico and canada. the three are expected to talk about swine flu, immigration and drug trafficking. the summit comes as mexico fights an increasingly dangerous war against drug cartel, some of that along the u.s. border. >>> and the u.s. supreme court has a new justice after sonia sotomayor was officially sworn in as the court's first hispanic justice. sotomayor took two oaths of office, one in private and a public oath sworn in on a bible held by her mother. >>> and california's chino prison is in lockdown after a riot sent at least 40 inmates to the hospital. some of them with serious injuries. at least one unit of the prison was set on fire during the riot. the medium-security prison houses about 1,400 inmates. >>>
>>> this morning, storm front. hurricane bill batters bermuda and speeds toward u.s. shorelines, inleashing heavy winds and major waves. we are up and down the east coast. >>> pregnancy and depression. for the first time, doctors say it's okay for expectant mothers toake antidepressant medication. what it means for women and their babies. >>> the man who turned up in a seattle park claiming to suffer from near-total amnesia speaks out for the first time. who is he? what's his story? we'll talk to a doctor ant his rare and terrifying condition. >>> and $500 million are at stake this week in two, major lotteries. with so americans watching every penny these days, dreams of the with so americans watching every penny these days, dreams of the big payday are irresistible. captions paid for by abc, inc. >>> good morning, america. >> good morning. it is saturday, august 22nd. >> folks along the east coast, hoping for a little luck. trying to avoid this. take a look. goofy name, hurricane bill. impressive size. storm the size of texas. very powerful, making its way toward the east coast
with us. i'm robin roberts on this friday, august 14th. diane wrapping up some vacation time. >> great to see you. >>> breaking news point plane crash last week over the hudson, the faa says two employees, a supervisor and an air traffic controller have been suspended over that collision because reports say that the controller was actually on the phone with his girlfriend when the small plane and helicopter collided killing nine people. >> there's new dramatic video of that collision taken by a tourist on a boat on the hudson. these are some images from that video. the faa will be poring over frame looking for clues as to what went wrong. our john berman has been following the story closely. he joins us along the hudson river with the latest. good morning, john. >> reporter: good morning, robin. well, you can see the wreckage of the helicopter here underneath the blue tarp behind me. faa investigators say they discovered the conversations when listening to recordings from a nearby air traffic control tower. when they found them the controller and the supervisor were suspended immediate
as they land back on u.s. soil this morning, after president clinton's secret mission. and reaction, this morning, from secretary of state hillary clinton. >>> and paula abdul calls it quits. why the "american idol" judge says she won't be returning to why the "american idol" judge says she won't be returning to the show. captions paid for by abc, inc. >>> and good morning, america. diane sawyer, with robin back, on this august 5th, 2009. >> abc news has confirmed who the shooter was. that man right there, 48-year-old, george sezini. walked into an l.a. fittsness center, outside of pittsburgh. opened fire on an aerobics class, of 30 to 40 women. >> we're going to show you a lot more of the strange blog that he wrote. said he'd been planning the shooting for more than a year. but wanted to see the results of the presidential election. chris cuomo is there, outside pittsburgh. and he has the latest. good morning, chris. >> we also have our other breaking story we want to talk about, first. we want to show you live pictures from burbank, california, this morning, where a plane carrying
, more than ever before, i believe that each of us, as individuals, must not only struggle to make a better world. but to make ourselves better, too. and in this life, those of us are never finished. >> reporter: he crafted landmark legislation, on civil rights, education, and health care. >> i will continue to stand up for the people who sent me to the senate, in the first place. >> reporter: and his passion was his life. before death, the health committee passed a health care measure, a lifetime goal. and years after his divorce, a new love story. >> we had a very old-fashioned kind of, slow-paced courtship. >> reporter: he found the woman his friends would call his soul mate. his wife of 17 years, victoria reggie. >> during our courtship, i realized i didn't want to live the rest of my le without vicki. >> reporter: life had begun as the youngest of nine children. the family prankster. free spirit. his mother's motto was, to whom much is given, much is expected. great expectations thrust on a kennedy son at a young age. his brother, jack, of course, selected president in 1960. b
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